12th January 2020

is our first Strive Fitness Race.

Looking to tackle your first ultra-marathon but want the best support while you make your attempt?

Want to get a personal best for your 10km but not sure how to do it?

Worried about how to manage doing a new race distance?

What if you could do an event with expert coaches available on the course, that is easy for spectators to give you support and take on a

brand new challenge so that you start 2020 with a BANG!

We are setting up a race that is undoubtedly tough, both physically and mentally

(what is the point if you don’t finish an event feeling 100% more bad ass?!)

-BUT one that is also totally tailored around you.

You choose the distance you are striving for.

You choose the challenge.

We handle the support crew.




Run the Sun

Run the Sun is a run designed to challenge any and every participant equally.

It is a timed event from sunrise until sunset where participants can do as many laps of the 5km route as they want or are able to.

Starting at 08:03 you make your way around the loop,

you hit the pit stop with coaches, food & drink and massage area every 5km before setting off again for your next loop.

When you want to finish your race - just ring the bell and we record your distance whatever that distance is.

Run the Sun - then if the sun is still up, you can keep going!

08:03am - 16:14pm

Run - Walk - Crawl

Doesn’t matter to us! Just moving forward and you are still in the race.

Want to attempt the 50km or more? Just let us know, we have a totally free VIP service to help you get there!

We also have a special PRIZE for anyone who hits the double marathon in their Run the Sun effort.

Any friends that would like to do our TEAM event with you? Teams are 2-5 people and will have their own special awards too. Running clubs & Personal Trainers - some serious bragging rights to be had here!



1) Hey you two, why a winter race?

Great question! You are absolutely right, there are very, very few events this time of year. Which is precisely why we felt the need to do it! Training in autumn/winter is hard, but it is far easier if you have a goal ahead of you. Why wait until next year? What if you could hit your 2020 goals only 11 days into the year? Not only does it mean you get some epic training months in your legs before the new year but also, it’s tough! This race is designed to not just be a physical challenge but a mental and strategic one too. If you want to develop your mental toughness, this is the one for you! Not just for the event but also sticking with the training to get there. (Oh, and a taper over Christmas means for excellent rest and fuelling!)

2) Where is it going to be?

You can check out the route here on >>> STRAVA <<< but we will be meeting in the garden of the Cricketers Pub in Weston. You won’t be able to miss us, just walk towards the gazebos! Once registration, briefing and warm ups are done we will head over together to the start of the looped course.

3) Do I have to be super fit?

Not at all! Much like our classes we are catering for all abilities. As long as you can complete one lap (5km) safely you are welcome to enter. We would love people to use this as a chance to push themselves, in a safe way of course, (as you will never be more then 2.5km from the check point) and try and complete something new for them. First 5km, 10km Half marathon, Marathon or more (remember, it’s an 8hour cut off which is a lot longer than most road races. If you have ever been worried about not making a race cut off time this is a perfect way to try it out without the worry!). However, we are also catering for the faster amongst you with the 50km+ VIPs and prize for anyone who hits a double marathon within the time limits!

Strive for Health - Strive for Adventure - Strive for Performance

We always have you all covered.

4) What is the terrain like?

This is not a road race, the race is out on trail, but, it is not a technical course.

5) I want to do a new distance but I am worried about doing the training!

I totally understand, It can be really daunting to take on a new distance but it is often not necessary to train as much as runners world would like you to think! If you would like some help we have a new training group “Secret Society of Strivers” which is designed to help members get stronger and leaner as well as fit enough to take on an ultra!

Check it out here www.teamstrivefit.com/secret-society-of-strive

Just want a plan and some advice? Drop us a line for some options we have and discounts for Run the Sun participants.

6) Can I bring my own food?

Yes! We will have some supplies available but you are welcome to leave your own fuel at the pit stop. We are going to do as many bigger races do and Run the Sun will be a plastic cup free race BUT we have a collapsable cups for each person as part of your race entry. Just leave it with us and we can fill it up for you between laps.

Ready to enter?

It could not be more simple.

Click the link below to go through to our race entry page.

Sign up.

Get training!

And we will see you January 12th bright and early.